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With the exception of purchasing a home, a motor vehicle is generally the biggest purchase most people will make. It is vital that you choose the right car finance and loan to suit your needs. When dealing with uFinance, you have the advantage of utilising a vast range of products offered by our panel of lenders.



Whether you are looking to upgrade your business equipment, expand your fleet or adopt the latest technology trends, uFinance is here to help. We understand the business structure, cash flow and business growth. Allow us to assist with your personal and commercial finance needs.



Whether you are looking to cruise along the water and need boat finance, or crash through the waves and need jet ski finance or tour around Australia on two wheels and need motorbike finance. We are here to help, with our wide range of lenders offering competitive interest rates and timely approval.



Looking for a car or bike but don’t have the time? At uFinance we do all the groundwork! With extensive experience in the motor industry we can provide you with independent advice on all vehicle types. Simply tell us what car or bike you are looking for and we will find it for you.



uFinance provides a range of personal and business insurance solutions for you and your vehicle. We are affiliated with some of the largest insurance companies in Australia to ensure your peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay out my loan early?
Yes! Many of our loan options and partners allow for your loan to be paid out early.

How much can I borrow?
Our team has the ability to maximise each customers lending capacity, loan amount often depends on the customer and can be identified once your finance application is assessed.

How long does the finance process take?
The finance process can be completed within 24 hours, we have an experienced team ready to work with you.


What’s the best rate I can get?
With access to over 25 lenders, we have the ability to source the most competitive rate to suit your profile and finance application.

What’s the longest term duration I can get?
As a consumer you may have the option to receive loan terms from 1 – 7 years depending on individual circumstances and the selected lender.

What documentation do I need to get financed?
To start your finance application we will require your licence and two current payslips.

Can I refinance my loan?
Yes! Most loans can be refinanced, however, depending on how long you have already had your loan for, it may not be worth your while. Our team can discuss this with you further.

What are the start-up, keeping and early termination fees?
Depending on the lender that suits your needs best, the fees will vary. Some lenders require monthly keeping fees whilst other lenders have no early termination fees. Our team can provide detailed information over the phone regarding fees.

Can I get a Low Doc loan?
A low doc loan requires minimal financial documents to receive finance. To be eligible for a low doc loan you need to be asset backed or minimum 20%, plus have an ABN.

Consumer vs commercial loans?
A consumer loan is for those customers searching for a personal car loan. A commercial loan is for customers using the vehicle predominantly for business use; commercial loans also have tax benefits.

What’s the highest balloon payment I can get?
The maximum balloon available to consumers is 40%, however this is dependent on the age of the vehicle, the lender and various other factors.

Secured vs unsecured loans?
Secured loans are loans that use a consumers assets as security in the event repayments cannot be made. An unsecured loan does not require any asset security but generally incurs a higher rate.

Can I do my finance application on the phone?
Yes! You have the option to complete the entire finance process over the phone and via email. We do not need to meet with you in person and therefore can finance customers interstate.

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